Why I started blogging

Okay first ,I named it Anomaly because that’s basically the message I have … I believe in being different. We are set apart.

My audience are curious minds like me. “Cool kids ” who know they aren’t cool at all it’s just God,you know ?

I feel like I’m such a big personality and that’s my struggle…I’m sure you relate, the work that goes into balancing all that you are.. So I’m passionate about the unspoken thoughts, especially with the Christian females. The young and old like me, experiencing constant shifts because of the calling bestowed on them and how they navigate around it while they learn and grow. Realising our strength ,especially the strength we have in Christ

I want to do it because it makes me feel alive, I love words and expressing myself…speaking for others too, yes when they can’t or when they wish someone else would do it for them

It’s a little all over the place but, that was my answer to someone who had asked how I came about the name and why I started blogging over a year ago. Until now very little has changed about what motivates me to keep writing, I blog because I believe my voice is significant. In expressing my thoughts I find it natural to write. So I began this adventure in hopes that my voice would be heard further than my immediate circle (they get the best of my juices I tell you).

Since I’ve started my why is enhanced by each view or click or comment on the posts I make. I do it to deliver that which was deposited in me from the beginning of time. It’s so easy to feel as though I am good at this therefore my mind is “that” important. However in my belief that we are all set apart, it’s more important for me to show up and do my bit in this system that was set in motion by a Power higher than any other. This leads to me having a fulfilled life while others are also benefiting from my service to the universe.

There’s so much to our world and writing has provided ways to learn from it even without experiencing it. I write because it is my freedom. These words allow me to share my life with someone I may never meet but, their resonance connects us in ways nothing else can. Being able to experience the world as a vast community fuels this blog’s fire.

PS: Writing for this challenge has become my favorite thing to do lately, Afrobloggers thank you! Also it’s freezing cold in Cape Town, SA gosh!!! This writing has my fingers numb people.

Til tomorrow


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  1. Love it, I liked this line “I write because it is my freedom”.

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    1. Anomaly says:


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  2. 🙂 I am glad that you realized that your voice is significant.


  3. Hello Anomaly. Thank you for visiting my story blog. It is so nice when new friends stop by. I use my blog differently than many others I’ve seen. My daughter pointed out to me after we went to a family funeral and I was talking about how sad it is to loose so much family oral history each time a member passes away. Her response was liberating. She said that she loves my stories of growing up, what I went through and learned, what I did and survived because they are My story and she does not want to loose them.

    I do not feel competent to write the stories of my family (we are scattered) but I certainly know my own history and from this I chose to write using a certain framework of no longer than 2000 words each, mostly funny, must sound like we’re sitting across a table, breaking bread together and laughing at the lives God has given us. I also chose not to make my stories strictly religious because God did so much through others well before I was a Christian. This turned my stories into just clean fun – some times embarrassing for me, but I find even that to be fun entertainment and draws the audience in when I get it right.

    This project has also really improved my written storytelling. I hope you’ll review some of my main collection and let me know how they sound to you. I’ve never been to South Africa, but had a friend from there at the company I work for. One friend cannot represent your whole country, but two doubles the value ;-).

    Since you are a Christian, I have one story that I wanted to tell where I could not hide the fact that I am also. My Christian friends love it and laugh and cringe for me because it was so embarrassing. But it does make a great story. Here’s the link if you’re willing to give me 10 minutes. Blessings upon blessings regardless.



    1. Anomaly says:

      You’re so welcome! I love your unique style of writing …I have a few more reads to look at that caught my eyes. It’s awesome getting to know others across the seas even! Lol here’s to reading and writing some more


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