And thus she learnt

Part of life’s purpose is to learn. The hustle lies in embracing those lessons or morphing them into your life so that you gain.

Omemma (Good God)

Thank you for a wonderful blogging year! Let’s get better next year. I wish you all that God had in store for you. You’re unmatched.


Out of everything I came across as the year went by, learning that I am a force to be reckoned with is absolutely my favorite part. So are you.

Dear future me

My prayer is that you will live more beautifully than I am…

There’s more

Science has it that humans use only up to 10% of their brain (on their best). This means that the world we live in is only 10% of what it could become.

I’m here. Where are you at?

It has taken me about two years to decide that I will not chose to stay comfortable. A day at a time since I turned 22 I have been working on peeling off the skin of the person I had grown so comfortable being.

Good to hear but…

There is more to Jesus Christ than quotable sermons and nice outfits. God desires to be in relationship with His people. The church needs to be reminded about this truth more often. May we be committed to the kingdom of God not it’s by-products.