Thank you for stopping by! You make the writing process worth every letter.

Who am I?


My name is Moreblessing. I am the writer, content creator and owner of Anomaly.

What’s my story?

I believe that my existence unique. The way I flow through time is distinctive. Therefore, if nothing about me is standard, normal or expected — that’s okay. For a while I struggled with acknowledging this. I felt trapped inside then I started writing about it.

So I created this space to help me navigate my way as I grow and embrace my life’s purpose. To help me embrace that I am peculiar. I have found freedom in writing. Something about expressing myself through words unravels what is in my core and I treasure the experience.

I am passionate about creativity. Without a doubt our world lives thrive on it.

I hope that we find common ground and that you’ll enjoy what you find here. You will be reading about my faith, people I love, the poems I’m brave enough to share and ultimately share in my life’s journey.

Sending love!