Of Being A Creative: Things To Not Say To A Blogger

A guide of things to not say to a blogger Of Being A Creative: Things To Not Say To A Blogger It has always been his humor for me! Thank you Uncle Beaton for educating and advocating relentlessly. When I say you’re my leader, I mean it wholeheartedly. PS: I am tempted to participate in…

Courageous Conversations: Better now than later

Ask yourself; why am I doing this? Is it good for me? Is it in my best interests? Because until you are honest with yourself, it will be difficult for you to have to have peace – both of mind and self.

Courageous Conversations: Kick off

We can keep our families together. We can uphold our friendships. We can stop all the wars between rival nations. We can bring smiles to those shunned and misunderstood by our societies. All this through fruitful courageous conversations.

If I were to teach…

It is only when we’re convicted of something that we have no option, but to live in such a way that shows it.

I’m here. Where are you at?

It has taken me about two years to decide that I will not chose to stay comfortable. A day at a time since I turned 22 I have been working on peeling off the skin of the person I had grown so comfortable being.

Good to hear but…

There is more to Jesus Christ than quotable sermons and nice outfits. God desires to be in relationship with His people. The church needs to be reminded about this truth more often. May we be committed to the kingdom of God not it’s by-products.