Courageous Conversations: Better now than later

Ask yourself; why am I doing this? Is it good for me? Is it in my best interests? Because until you are honest with yourself, it will be difficult for you to have to have peace – both of mind and self.

I’m here. Where are you at?

It has taken me about two years to decide that I will not chose to stay comfortable. A day at a time since I turned 22 I have been working on peeling off the skin of the person I had grown so comfortable being.

School is not God’s calling for my life

Where are my fellow students at?! Preferably those experiencing unmentionable troubles with their studies. How are you doing ?? Also sending love to those slaying their courses! We see you and we are led! Alright let’s get into this, I want to vent fam and share insight while at it. School is a lot! I…

Tales of a student

Today my sister asked me how I pull through in school, phew! Sometimes I don’t know. What surprised me was my answer, I found myself telling her one of the truest tales about my experience with academics. I told her that I cry, eat, laugh and brave through it. Apart from the fun and memories…