Something between a letter and a conversation

A huge part of being a writer involves making plenty of notes, journaling and keeping most of what you write to yourself. This is one of those pieces I didn’t know whether to share or keep.

There’s more

Science has it that humans use only up to 10% of their brain (on their best). This means that the world we live in is only 10% of what it could become.

School is not God’s calling for my life

Where are my fellow students at?! Preferably those experiencing unmentionable troubles with their studies. How are you doing ?? Also sending love to those slaying their courses! We see you and we are led! Alright let’s get into this, I want to vent fam and share insight while at it. School is a lot! I…

Prompt struggles — Places to see in Zimbabwe & South Africa

Hey fam! So, I am not sure whether to praise and promote my country of birth or residence. I will go for neither. The Afrobloggers want me to tell you about beautiful places in my country. I am unable to deliver …my apologies. I was born in Zimbabwe (Zim) and grew up there. We moved…