Does Jesus understand?

“He suffered and endured every test and temptation, so that he can help us every time we pass through the ordeals of life.”

Courageous Conversations: Identity

We are social beings, therefore engineered to live in communities. We have to cooperate and build meaningful associations for peaceful sustainable coexistence.

Courageous Conversations: Sexuality

It’s said and generally accepted that it’s too early to address sexuality issues in Africa, Courageous Conversations we are running away from as a society.

Courageous Conversations: Kick off

We can keep our families together. We can uphold our friendships. We can stop all the wars between rival nations. We can bring smiles to those shunned and misunderstood by our societies. All this through fruitful courageous conversations.

Announcement: Courageous Conversations — Guest Posts

There are so many different things we could be talking about, but we are not. These are conversations that are meant to cause a shift in how we see life and experience it — positively, though it may not always be comfortable.

Women of the Bible: Bathsheba

Many vulnerable women, like Bathsheba are objectified because they are not in any position to defend themselves. God forbid that we don’t call out such narcissistic behaviour.