Of Blogging ABCs I Would Rather You Didnt

Three ABCs of blogging I would rather you didnt Of Blogging ABCs I Would Rather You Didnt He just leads well! So, I was going to write about one thing, “for y’all to be authentic and embrace your blogging journey without putting too much pressure on yourselves”. Also I was waiting for Uncle’s post because…

And thus she learnt

Part of life’s purpose is to learn. The hustle lies in embracing those lessons or morphing them into your life so that you gain.

Good to hear but…

There is more to Jesus Christ than quotable sermons and nice outfits. God desires to be in relationship with His people. The church needs to be reminded about this truth more often. May we be committed to the kingdom of God not it’s by-products.

School is not God’s calling for my life

Where are my fellow students at?! Preferably those experiencing unmentionable troubles with their studies. How are you doing ?? Also sending love to those slaying their courses! We see you and we are led! Alright let’s get into this, I want to vent fam and share insight while at it. School is a lot! I…

Choose what lasts

People struggle with different things everyday and I promise you, all your inner turmoil has no cure other than choosing something Higher to live by