Of Being A Creative: Things To Not Say To A Blogger

A guide of things to not say to a blogger Of Being A Creative: Things To Not Say To A Blogger It has always been his humor for me! Thank you Uncle Beaton for educating and advocating relentlessly. When I say you’re my leader, I mean it wholeheartedly. PS: I am tempted to participate in…

Go in His strength

Then it hit me — we cannot engage in anything impactful with no other strength except that which God supplies!

Something between a letter and a conversation

A huge part of being a writer involves making plenty of notes, journaling and keeping most of what you write to yourself. This is one of those pieces I didn’t know whether to share or keep.

Of shoe washing and chats with God

Now, the whiteness of my shoe is not in its cleanness, but in its make. No matter how much dirt goes onto that shoe it will still be referred to as “white shoes”. When God makes your soul like that of a new creation, it is not based on your ability to maintain an upright life. He washes you clean because that’s what He does and nothing can change that.