Devotional #12

God never leads us blindly. He is the Father of light, He loves clarity.

Women of the Bible: Hagar

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It’s been an amazing month of digging into the lives of the women of the Bible. We have learnt so much from the journey and we hope you have too. Now to wrap this up — we will be talking about Hagar, one of the least celebrated women of the…

Women of the Bible: Mary Magdalene

We have prized our comfort, reputation, family, ambitious pursuits — you name it, at the cost of experiencing life with God. Mary Magdalene certainly knew better than that. She had her priorities right. Jesus first, everything else after Him. Remarkable!

Devotional #11

Our day to day lives ought to bring honour to His name.

Women of Bible: Woman of Samaria

Originally posted on My Melody:
Single women are often stigmatised in the society. This kind of treatment is very apparent in most communities. I imagine how intense it was for the Samaritan woman who had been with five husbands and staying with someone who she wasn’t even married to. I can only imagine how protective…

Women of the Bible: Elizabeth

The woman had life experiences that would normally demand for one to freak out, but we never see her flinch — not even once!

Devotional #10

When we read the Word, it reminds us of our true nature and the salvation given to us.