I hope that you have been keeping well? I pray that your heart is at peace and for those needing it — may it find it’s home in you. Also, you matter. Thank you for dropping by, let’s read…

Now more than ever the world is in deep need of people who are there to serve. Yes, we want the bag, to win, get accolades and be recognized for what we do — it’s good. Howbeit, more than anything we need to serve one another. Esteem others more highly than yourself. Seek to be an instrument of service in people’s lives. A lot of the problems we have in the world could be solved that way.

When you write that song — do it with a heart of service. Pour love into it. You’ll gain more than you could when you do it only for profit. Mahn, be driven by love in your deeds. Touch hearts. The world will soon be over and you need to have lived for something more than profit.

Nowadays a person can get paid for almost anything. Whatever you can do, the culture is encouraging us not to give anything for free. This is fast becoming a rot in the conscience of society. Gain is being valued at the cost of fulfilment. Well, I’ll tell you: a heart that serves, is a fulfilled heart. Those who seek to gain more than they’re willing to give, will always be in want — be it in love, finances, career wise and other facets of life.

We all know of someone who is very accomplished and they tell a story of feeling empty despite their wins in life. Generally, these people pursue gain and maximising traction over creating meaningful experiences for themselves as they invest in what they are doing. It’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll burn out or find that you don’t have joy after doing so much.

We can serve in different forms, but when we do it in love, with love and for love — the world is changed. If you’re committed to any project right now, I encourage you to pause and consider your heart posture as you’re performing your duty. Is your goal only to gain and not add value?

What is your gift to those who are on the receiving end of what you’re doing? Let’s cultivate a culture where we’re mindful of those who will be impacted by our existence and ways of being. Serve somebody, a cause — there’s only so much to take from the world, we need to give too! Surely when God gave us dominion (which is power), He meant for us to be a source and sources give! You have so much within you and it’s not only for you to capitalise on, but for others to enjoy as well.

Let us serve!

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  1. Perth Girl says:

    A humble servant heart like Christ is what we should be having too.
    So true when you said that gain and fulfilment are being directly connected and that is truly detrimental.
    A good reminder.
    Blessings 🙂

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    1. Moreblessing says:

      You know? A lot of information and customs are being endorsed in the culture and we ought to filter and check the consistency ..through the word of God

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  2. Amen!!! Thank you for this reminder!

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    1. Moreblessing says:

      A pleasure fam! How are you

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      1. Moreblessing says:

        I’ve been in hibernation but I’m kept 🤗

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  3. Ms Abigaba says:

    And what truly matters is your sincerity as you give.
    Beautiful post 🌹

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    1. Moreblessing says:

      Yesss, indeed! Thank you for dropping by fam

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  4. Sparkle✨ says:

    A heart of servitude 💯

    Louder, Moreblessing. This is beautiful 🌼

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    1. Moreblessing says:

      Hey sis! Missed you. How are you

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  5. kinge says:

    Very encouraging and a good reminder. There is peace in giving and by leading a life of service to self and others, we live our purpose.


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