My experience with words #2

A wave of peace,

So graceful but unmistakable.

How much love flows in the ocean?

The heart of the seas

It is an unending stream

I write to the rhythm of it’s tide

An eternal flame,

Sometimes faint but strongly alluring.

Who has seen the splendor of fire?

The strength of light

It is what liberty is made of

So are my thoughts on paper

A delightful breeze,

So gentle and constant.

What compares to the life giving air?

The ancient wind

It brings with it rest

Like a completed piece of writing

A vacant land.

So grand yet unexplored.

What promise has fertile ground?

The hope of a harvest

It beckons us to plant seed

The way blank pages beg for words

5 Comments Add yours

  1. The poem is extraordinary exquisite from 1-of-a-kind to mind-catching!

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      1. Its all creative with innovative pleasure to comment on such great work!

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  2. Perth Girl says:

    Beautiful 💙
    I write to the rhythm of its tide- I love that sentence.

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