Women of the Bible: Hagar

One time for the Women of the Bible series!!! Here’s the last post — I trust we learnt and enjoyed the month together 😁

My Melody

It’s been an amazing month of digging into the lives of the women of the Bible. We have learnt so much from the journey and we hope you have too. Now to wrap this up — we will be talking about Hagar, one of the least celebrated women of the Bible.

We are introduced to Hagar when Sarai was proposing to her husband for him to lay with their maid in order to get a child. Next we are told that Abram got intimate with her, then she became pregnant. We often focus on the fact that Hagar resented her mistress afterwards, but I’d like to think maybe one of the reasons was because probably she felt objectified.

See, she probably was just doing her work and next thing she was being talked into getting intimate with her boss. We don’t even know if liked she him in that way…

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