School is not God’s calling for my life

Where are my fellow students at?! Preferably those experiencing unmentionable troubles with their studies. How are you doing ?? Also sending love to those slaying their courses! We see you and we are led!

Alright let’s get into this, I want to vent fam and share insight while at it. School is a lot! I personally don’t think it’s the best thing for us as people. It is necessary but, best? No. Children are suffering at the hands of academics. Stress, ulcers, poor eyesight, all-nighters and missing time with their loved ones. Holler at me if you relate. Our bodies are fatigued and sometimes we don’t even realize it. We are slowly becoming slaves of education system and hardly learning anything in the process.

We appreciate the people we meet and those few things we pick from the lecturers’ rambles. Our generation is not taking the opportunity to be “advanced” in knowledge is not taking for granted. However, the collateral damage is more than we bargained for. Society now misunderstands what we are all about. They see us studying all day and think that we are geeks or nerds. A good number of students who do that have no other side hustles or commitments that’s why they spend time looking through textbooks. Yes, they don’t always study – they look at the pages. Next thing you know, the aunties are calling them future doctors and lawyers! They don’t want to be in the cooperate world these your kids.

I learnt something that liberated me from my obsession with being a student of note. The society had engraved in me as I grew up that if I shined in primary school, I should do so in high school subsequently varsity. It’s a lie! The devil is a liar! A deceiver! These are vastly different stages of life and you’re not going to be the same person in all of them. So what if I don’t have the same drive because I now enjoy art better? There’s prejudice against people who don’t price higher learning as the ultimate dream. Tell me though, who will discover the paths no one takes because we are all going down the already cultivated road. We’ve been tricked into thinking school is all the hope there is to make something of yourself. Yes, it is one means and maybe the most glorified. As for me it is not God’s calling for my life.

I appeal to you my people, this schooling business will drain and finish you if it remains your first priority instead of purpose. Wherever it’s placed on your priorities, make sure the first thing on that list is God. Keep the faith. It is Him who sustains you and heals you. The mental scars, body fatigue and relationships suffering, when He is first you will see the bad days give way to joy in your life.

You may not be a believer (yet), just make a point to find your purpose. I’m confident the journey itself will replenish your soul in ways nothing else ever could.

Find your calling, I know mine definitely isn’t school.

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  1. Bothwell T Faratsiko says:

    There is about three blogs if not four that i have said to myself.
    {She Is Becoming Herself And Finding Whom She Really Is}.
    There is no good writing especially to an avid reader like me,to read the mind and see the heart of the Blogger,Author,Poet, Orator or Artist.
    Its makes one understands the real story as you merge yourself into it.
    Laughed my way through this blog but not laughing at it.
    This is great writing and good reading!!!

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    1. Awww daddy this comment got me all emo too, we are blessed to have you 😭

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Anomaly says:

    Awwwh!! Papa bear 🥺❤️❤️❤️ you’re priceless

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