Choose what lasts

I recently came to know a group of amazing young ladies, we do a lot together. In the past weeks we’ve had an ongoing discussion about insecurities. Being insecure is part of being made of flesh but, we’re more than just flesh aren’t we?

When people share their feelings about themselves and how they feel that they are falling short (especially physically), I marvel. I am amazed by how people can be so focused on the one thing that is not “right” to the point of total oblivion. Insecure people constantly choose to see what could go wrong based on whatever it is that they feel is not good enough. An insecure mind allows temporary and fickle emotions to influence long term goals and ambitions. You’ll think that you’re a hard worker when ultimately you’re just trying to get validation from people. Insecurity can lead you into living a lie.

Anyway, so I was walking home yesterday and began to think about how I hardly identify myself as an insecure person. There are things about me that I know aren’t desirable or attractive. Much of what I am isn’t up to the society’s actual expectations of how a young lady ought to be. I know people who think I have my ducks in a row and stuff like that, I don’t. However, I do not worry about falling short because I know it’s not a permanent state. As long I’m going to indulge my flesh there will not be anything good that will come out of my life. What am I saying, I should be insecure about plenty of things but I have learnt that there’s no end to it. Instead of choosing to see what could go wrong due to what I may not have enough of, I choose live above all that. How? I choose what lasts, daily. I choose to identify with Christ, wholly.

I once wrote and said that people don’t invite Christ in their personal space as much as they claim to. We live in a world where believers think Jesus died so that all our external problems can go away but, the truth is He came for the inner man. There’s nothing on the outside that’ll be permanently dealt with until the inside is addressed. Your insecurities will have to be resolved by Christ and then you’ll stop being affected by snarky comments.

The subject of insecurities is what struck me and brought about this blog but, there’s more.People struggle with different things everyday and I promise you, all your inner turmoil has no cure other than choosing something Higher to live by. I recently started reading Robin S. Sharma’s The monk who sold his Ferrari. I’m learning that choosing to live by something beyond materialistic things is the way to heal humanity’s inner ache.

For me, Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He makes me beautiful. He has blessed me with a sense of belonging no matter where I find myself. I am loved despite my flaws. I choose to live by what He thinks of me. I choose something that lasts.

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