The Audience of One

This piece is dedicated to one person who jokingly suggested that I write about him. Although I am going to write about a valuable lesson you taught me.

See, I’ve always been told and heard about making everything I do about God. I had this knowledge but, it never sunk in. It took several texts from a consistent friend who would encourage me on random days to minister to the audience of One. The way he talks about consulting and impressing this certain audience moved my heart. There are very few Christians I know who make Jesus conversations so natural the way he does.

It hasn’t been very long since he started using this “audience of One” line in our chats. However each time I do things off late, I make sure that God is the one who is going to get the most pleasure out of it. Of course this is not a physical effort. My heart has to be set on Him as I engage in whatever I commit myself to. Naturally you begin to grow your relationship with God. There’s nothing as liberating as this: knowing that you’re not bound by earthly expectations but, God’s!

To give your affection to Jesus means nothing is competing with Him for your attention.

Eric Gilmour

Now hear this; God’s expectations are simple. To minister to the audience of One is easy. When Jesus says my yoke is easy and my burden is light, He was offering us the best thing ever! Imagine a life where all you need to do is please one person. I think that this is what everyone is seeking: to be free of the systems of the world and its demands. We get all that in Christ when we purpose in our hearts to follow Him, serve Him and minister to Him. Yo, ministering to people is hard! Each person has preferences but, ministering to an audience One eliminates a billions opinions. You are led into an intimate space where your ministry is saturated by Christ.

I’ll finish of by saying, your choice to please God above everyone and anything will radically change your quality of life. Allow yourself to have Him as the center of your attention in everything then watch your life transform.

As my friend puts it, “minister to the audience of One.”

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