Christ (safe) spaces

Side note: Yo! Happy last quarter of the year… How’ve we been ?? I’m grateful to still have my writing skills – Farrra God, you are the boss!

I’m hoping that this month I will write more often that I did in August. I miss the flow. Yeaaa, when I’m here I feel like I’m talking to a whole room full of people and the need to do a mini catch up overtakes me, almost always. September is a blessed month, I hear the sound of rain …blessing and grace pouring like we’ve never experienced it before!

Man! I want to begin with a shout out to two bloggers inspiring me at the moment; my divergent queen and The Godly Chic Diaries. Today’s piece was motivated by you and people around me who have been working diligently to create Christ spaces.

When the #AmINext tag flooded our timelines in South Africa the past few days my mind was in some form of limbo. I could not digest it all at once, it was a lot. There was so much hate going around, terror and not one good vibe did I get from the posts. I mean yes, there’s nothing good about the situation. So I had conversations with a few of my friends and the one thing that kept surfacing was the importance of Christ in all of this. Seldom did we see posts about needing Him in such a time as this. Most people chose their situation over Him – the solution. It then hit me that we don’t have enough Christ spaces for people to actually acknowledge Him when it’s due.

When I say that we don’t have enough Christ spaces I mean that He is not a part of our lives as much as we like to think. Only a select few consider Him as their true Alpha and Omega. Christ is still not popular in our intimate parts of being. We are not seeking to make Him popular anyway (me and others looking to create more Christ spaces). We are living so that He may be encountered by those around us to a point of turning to Him in good and bad days, instantaneously.

You know how the government says they have created jobs but, then no one gets hired? Yes, most Christians say they have Jesus Christ but, the world does not experience Him through them as it must be. I don’t know if that made sense… All I am saying is that WE NEED TO BRING CHRIST CLOSER THAN CHURCH. He is an all time safe space, there’s nothing we can’t talk about in His presence. When Christ becomes the core of community not a distant source of life, healing will be inevitable. Healing is what we need in today’s world.

To be honest, people mostly don’t mind you posting about Christ like this because they won’t read. When you talk about Him and live for Him now, that’s a different story. They can’t avoid your lifestyle, they will see it. Let me just ask as question, can your friends ask you for prayer? When they need you, can they confide in you trusting that you’re a Christ space which auto-translates to a safe space? Is Christ in the cupboard and you only take Him out on special occasions?

Yo, we need to understand that Christ is the air in our lungs and osteocytes in our bones! He’s a part of you whether you see Him or not. However acknowledging Him, transforms your entire being and the people around you. Your kindness, your good traits, your morals and all that you see as perfect: it’s all Christ. Sometimes what you don’t even feel is good, He works it out to benefit you.

All you and I need to do is make Him the centre of who we are. Be a Christ space. Create Christ spaces in your home, relationships and spheres of influence. Let Christ be known.

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  1. Pete says:

    When you know the actual and not the popular history of SA, you will realise how right you are about us needing Jesus. As the violence was started by an evil man Karl Marx in Cape Town around 1850. He denied Christ, despised faith, wanted war. And so it is today.

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  2. Baruch says:



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