“You have a long life ahead of you …”

I tried to think about a topic I seldom hear about and it was a long thought process. This subject was somewhere underneath my archives of things to never randomly say: death. How is speaking about it going to be of any help? Well, it’s one way to help each other live better.

Many people do better after losing a loved one or having a near death experience themselves. Why is it this way? The human race has been on a crescendo of taking life for granted. We don’t acknowledge that the common saying “you have a long life ahead of you…” does not hold much water. When we begin to see that by each passing day, we are losing time our approach to life will change (hopefully for the better). We will hug each other a little more, laugh often and love without fear once we register it in our minds that tomorrow might not come. This is not living in fear but, simply being present and making it count. Value the people around you. Pursue your calling relentlessly.

The things we are giving our time to now, are they leading us to a fulfilled life or we are just conforming to routines without care? If you died today, would people celebrate your journey thus far or cry for the wasted potential. A potential wasted because you are putting off everything for later.

Death is real fam. I chose it as a topic to put a spotlight on because it’s a reminder to us that we have to make the most out of now. Use the time you have wisely and be diligent in making moments shared count.

I speak for those who cannot return from the grave to tell us the very same words.

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  1. angelmimie says:

    I don’t know how I had missed this. WORD!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Anomaly says:

      Thank you 😄


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