Beyond Today

Time is precious and once you get your shot at one second, there’s no undo button. It’s important for you to realize that with every breath, thought and choice you’re using your time. Don’t be fooled to think you’re not doing anything about life because with every passing second something is happening either on purpose or not.

In my opinion, one who lives fully is one who lives beyond today. Thus being able to accept your past and learn from it constantly, living everyday like there’ll never be another day and believing fiercely in a future that holds a better experience of life than you’ve ever had. A person like this is able to do many things easier than most because they’re not oblivious to the effect of time. An example, the difference between a victim and victor could be said to be the understanding of time of both parties, a victor believes that whatever has happened in that particular moment can’t influence the next and well, the victim usually thinks time freezes and evolves around the event which has happened.

When I started writing this I had a totally different scope but,allow me to digress. A victim mentality is the thief of time, you are made to believe there’s no better day or all the days are the same and the list just grows longer. You never grow fully if you believe that a certain thing that happened to you is an excuse for your sub par behaviour and way of handling life. Time doesn’t stop moving because you can’t address your issues or forgive a certain human who wronged you. It doesn’t stop moving because you lost a loved one. It doesn’t stop moving because you are broke, it just never stops moving for nobody! Sober up and catch up already. If you don’t, you are going to always desire a place you could so easily reach.

You need to appreciate the different aspects of life if you are going to live a longer life that is fruitful. I think the gold we all have in our hearts is worth mining. Don’t bury it under life’s pressures!
Refuse to feed from negativity and mediocrity. Thrive and crave for ultimate greatness in your life. Achieve all you can and live fully. Do not hesitate to yield to passion. Basic thing is to let go and let God.

Embrace that life is complex and so are you. That should be your starting point of going against the odds and breaking new ground. Your DNA is the evidence that you have been set apart, own it!

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  1. What an insight. You an amazing writer Bethel!


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